Advanced Security Manager. IT Security that Works.

Make your life easier

Lock down desktops the way you need, reducing support and security issues.

Apply restrictions

Block unwanted applications and websites, set powerful desktop restrictions.

Keep data private

Deskman runs on your own computers, not in the cloud. We do not collect data.

Manage all systems

Sync restrictions over your network, protect workstations from any point.

desktop restrictions
Advanced Security

Restrict access to any desktop component. Disable system keys and mouse buttons.

Custom Start Menu

Build a secure Start Menu, with only a few applications and commands, easily.

Try Deskman Free
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Easy to use
Deskman is easy to use and fast to deploy. All included, no special requirements.
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You are in control
Suspend restrictions when needed. Keep track of changes and allow guest access.
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Deskman supports the latest versions of Windows but still works on older ones.
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Deskman can be configured from any modern browser, on desktop and mobile.
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Enterprise ready
Deskman includes logs for auditing, no automatic updates and is 100% private.
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We really care
Developed and supported with passion by the same team for nearly two decades.
Strong Policies

Make sure users do not change important settings, block access to tons of options.

App and Web Filter

Block applications, stop software installation and filter websites easily.

Get Started
System restrictions
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Control center
Manage all your copies easily. Sync data between multiple installations.
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Low requirements
Deskman requires Windows 7 or 10 and a web browser, with low mem and cpu usage.
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Works offline
A web browser is needed for configuration, but internet access is optional.
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Full desktop security
Deskman is able to block access to apps, webs, desktop components and settings.
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Licenses do not expire. Maintenance is available for extended support.
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English and Spanish
Deskman is available and supported in English y también en español.