Advanced Security Manager. IT Security that Works.

Where can I download the latest version?

Please, visit the download page.

Who are you?

We are software developers, specialized in security solutions, developing and supporting Deskman for nearly two decades.

What are the recommended system requirements?

Deskman works on a computer or tablet running Windows and requires a modern web browser. Check the documentation for more details.

What is the current version?

Deskman 9.0.7539.44419

Where can I see what's new?

Check the changelog.

What are the key features?
  • Advanced desktop security, with taskbar, Start Menu, keyboard and mouse restrictions
  • Strong system policies, with options to block settings, drives and system tools
  • Web browser protection, blocking access to settings on Firefox, Chrome, IE and Edge
  • Application filter, able to block software installation and more
  • Web filter, able to allow only a list of domains and block everything else
  • Detailed activity log for auditing
  • Ability to create presets and backup settings
  • Network sync, allowing automatic configuration of multiple installations
  • Ability to configure restrictions locally and from any point on the local network
  • Ability to suspend restrictions temporarily locally and remotely
  • Easy to use, everything included
  • Low memory and cpu consumption
  • Works offline
  • Developed and supported for nearly two decades
Can I trust your downloads?

Yes. Our downloads are 100% free of virus, spyware, adware or malware of any kind. Executables are signed and certified.

If I upgrade to Deskman 9, will I keep all my settings?

Yes, if you're upgrading from version 8, 7 or 6. Check the upgrade notes.

I don't have internet access on my system, is that a problem?

No. Internet access is optional.

Can I apply per-user restrictions?

Restrictions are applied system-wide. But you can exclude administrators, or suspend restrictions temporarily.

What kind of tech support do you offer?

Fast email support. Every response is made by a human from our team. Happy to help.

Do I have to pay for support?

Yes. Maintenance is required to obtain tech support.

After contacting you, will you send me spam?

No. We will never sell or share your email address, or personal information. No newsletters or surveys either.

How many copies do I have to purchase?

One copy per computer where you plan to install and use the software.

Do I need to install Deskman on every system?


Do I have to pay for updates?

Updates are free. But upgrades — new major releases — require a valid maintenance contract or purchasing a new license.

  • Updates are patches of your purchased version
  • Upgrades are new major releases that require a new license to be used
What happens when my license expires?

Nothing. Licenses do not expire: support entitlement does.

The system is locked down and I'm unable to access Deskman, what can I do?

There are 3 simple things you can try:

  • If you know the local IP address, try opening Deskman from your phone or tablet by pointing your browser to http://ip-address:2288
  • Try resyncing or removing restrictions from the control center of a different installation
  • Press your hotkey, if available — remember you can set up a hotkey to suspend restrictions at any time, from Settings

If none of these options work, contact support.

What does maintenance include?

Tech support, updates and upgrades.

What do I get if I don't buy maintenance?

One month of support and version updates.

How can I buy maintenance?

Visit the pricing page to place your order, and you'll be able to add 1-Year Maintenance to your purchase.

I have multiple licenses, do I need maintenance on each one of them?

Yes. Maintenance is not transferable. Each license requires its own maintenance contract. Support will only be provided to installations with a valid maintenance contract.

How can I renew maintenance?

Contact us before expiration.

What if I don't want to renew maintenance?

Maintenance is not renewed automatically.

Will I lose my license if I cancel maintenance?

No. Purchased licenses keep working with or without maintenance.

Will I be able to buy maintenance later on?

Maintenance is only available at reduced cost when placing your order or when renewing before expiration.

Do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is required to obtain tech support and free upgrades.

Can I renew maintenance whenever I like?

You are ineligible for renewal at reduced cost if your maintenance period has expired.

After purchasing a license, do I need to reinstall the software?

There is no need. You'll be able to register your installed copies by following the instructions in your license.

I am a reseller, how can I buy licenses for my customers?

Visit our ordering page. Click Buy Now and then click I am a reseller purchasing on behalf of my customer. Enter your customer's name and organization, at the top, and then enter your company's details.

Do you have access to my Deskman installation?

No. Check Deskman's privacy statement.

Can I access my Deskman installations remotely?

Deskman is not available in the cloud. Thus, in order to access your installations from outside your network, you'd need to set up a VPN or use remote desktop software.

Can I install/uninstall Deskman safely?

Yes. Deskman does not modify system files, all changes can be reverted by clicking Undo and uninstalling. But check the requirements, first.

Should I use my old Deskman version on Windows 10?

We strongly recommend you to install the latest version available. Windows 10 is an evolving platform, updated regularly. To guarantee full compatibility with Windows 10 we recommend updating Deskman regularly.

Where can I download old versions?

Check the download page, at the bottom.